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Blitz Beast Scooter

Blitz Beast Scooter

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    How good is the scooter for freestyle tricks. A good scooter for the skatepark is much stronger than a normal scooter. The scooters for park riding, is also called freestyle trick scooters.
    Many stars, means the scooter is good for freestyle.


    Many stars, means the scooter is good for cruising / transport.
    A good transport scooter has some solid wheels, made for some long cruising. Good transport scooters has also good bearings.


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    Total height:83 cm

    There is no right or wrong in relation to height of a scooter. Generally one can say that low scooters are oriented to technical tricks, whereas high scooters are for transport and comfort. Some scooters can be adjusted to suit you and your needs.

    Weight:3900 gram

    The totale weight of the scooter when it is complete.

    Deck design:One-piece

    There are two types of deck design: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece decks are very durable since they are made of welded parts, whereas two-piece decks are put together with bolts. The advantage of two-piece decks is that they are often foldable, and some models have headtubes which gives the possibility for different angles.

    Deck material:Aluminium 6061

    The deck of the scooter is usually made of aluminum, as it is a very lightweight and durable material. The aluminum is relatively soft, therefore, it will be mixed with other metals. Aluminum is divided into alloys in which the value is determined by the mixture of metal. Higher alloy provides more durable product material. 

    Deck length:500 mm

    The total length of the deck's surface.

    Deck width:115 mm

    The width of the deck's surface


    Concave is the inward curvature of deck's surface. It helps to lock your feet firmly to the deck and thus provides better grip. Concave curvature measured on deck's and is measured in degrees.


    The compression system is the system that keeps your fork tightly to the headtube of the deck and reducing the slack that all scooters will suffer from.  

    Fork:One-piece (Forged)

    Forks can be divided into two main groups: one-piece of two pieces. One-piece forks is molded or cut from one piece of metal, it gives the fork fewer weak points compared to two-pieces forks which is composed of several parts. Furthermore, the forks can be divided into forks with or without thread. Threadless forks requires a compression kit.

    Headset type:Non-integrated

    The headtuben of the deck determines whichh headset-type the scooter is using. An integrated headset is more protected and durable than a non-integrated headset. A non integrated headset sits inside the headtube, therefor it is more fragile.

    Bar material:Chormed steel (4130 Cr-mo)

    Steel is a very strong and a durable material. Bars made of steel is very strong, but also much heavier than bars of aluminum. Steel bars caters more for scooters driven hard.

    Bar height:600mm

    The total height from the bottom to the middle of the handlebar. it is recommended that the height of the bar fits the rider.

    Bar width:530mm

    Different widths of bars suits different riding styles. By air tricks you have far more control of the trick with a wide bar, a narrow bar is better suited for technical tricks. Thus, the bar's width have to suit your skills, and it may therefore be worth considering what the scooter primarily will be used for.

    Clamp size:Triple

    The clampsize depends on the number of bolts on the clamp.

    Outer diameter:32mm (standard)

    The bar's outer diameter determines what type of clamp that fits. Thus it is recommended that the bar's outer diameter fits the clamps inner diameter. Note however that some clamps can be used in both standard and oversized bars.

    Inner diameter:28mm

    The bars inner diameter determines the fork that fits.

    Wheel diameter:110x24mm.

    The size of the wheels should depend on your riding style. If you have a lot of focus on the driving experience with good flow and speed, go for bigger wheels, whereas choosing smaller wheels if you go for quick response and better control. However, it is important that the diameter of the wheel fits with both the front fork, deck and brakes.

    Wheel hardness:88A

    The hardness of a wheel is measured on the durometer scale that goes from 0 to 100 A, where 100a is the hardest. Hard wheels last longer and run faster. Soft wheels  wears away faster, but has a good grip and is perfect for parks and indoor use.

    Core material:Aluminium

    Each aluminium and nylon wheels have their qualities. Aluminium wheels are the strongest but nylon wheels are also the lightest.

    Core design:Spoked

    There are different core designs: solid and spoked. Solid core wheel is relatively heavy wheels, while they are very strong. Spoked wheels is a lighter wheel, but a bit less durable.

    Wheel profile:Medium

    A flat profile provides maximum grip, while the narrow profile allows some more speed. Fork shape must match the wheel's profile.


    Bearings are divided into ABEC. High ABEC values mean that the bearing is made with more precision and therefore better quality. It is recommended that your ABEC-value is higher for higher speeds and lower if your wheel have have a lot of impact.

    Break type:Flex fender

    There are different brake types- bolt, spring and flex fender brake. Bolt and spring brakes make more noise, if you want more silent brakes you must go for flex fender brake.


    Allmost ready to run or ready to run. Always check the scooter before use, and be aware that it is different, how you receive your scooter. if your scooter is coming complete, it is completely ready for use, whereas if it is only partially complete, then there will be few parts that need to be tightened and assembled, which must be done with standard tools.

    Beware! Beast at large and more bloodthirsty than ever before. It lives in the slum streets and sneaking in the shadows. It has no inhibitions and take you if you are not careful!
    The brand new Blitz Beast scooters are perfect for anyone who wants to enter the world of skating. The scooter is distinguished especially for streetskating where tricks and transport are paramount. The scooter is a worse beast featuring features, such as 110mm aluminum core wheels, IHC compression and a solid deck which is very suitable for grinds. Unleash your inner beast free and live out your dreams on Blitz Beast scooter!

    Blitz beast is a good bet for a first-time scooter and are both for the beginner and the advanced.

    Deck Construction:
    Blitz beast is a modern deck with a very flat bottom. This makes it super easy to get started with grinding. The platform of the deck measures 50x11,5cm and provides massage room - for you with slightly larger feet. The deck is made up of strongly heat treated 6061 aluminum. The headtube is designed to be shorter in order to headsset cups do not limit the size of the potential for the front forks lengths. The bottom of the scooter deck is flat and makes grinds super stable, while a central channel gives your grind a better flow.

    The scooters setup focuses on giving the beginner and the experienced scooter which is durable and good for streetskating. The scooter's front fork and bar are held together by a solid IHC kompresstions system. The simple steal front fork is restrained by a triple clamp to the beautiful bar with gussets. Large 110mm aluminum core wheels 88a hardness makes it more comfortable to drive on rough terrain, while ABEC-9 bearings lets you scroll a trip to the moon and back.

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