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BMX Guide - Beginner's guide to BMX

The BMX sport got more than few years behind it now. It began in the beginning of the 70's in California, and has since formed a lot. It has been a sport for riders with a desire, skill and courage for tricks and stunts, as well for competitions of various sorts, where speed does not matter as much as one's technique and the tricks performed. 

Although the sport is an obvious choice for thrill-seeking people up for joyful and wicked competitions, it too is a sport welcoming for families, actually a quite popular one. Everyone of almost every age, both boys and girls can venture themselves into this very fun and highly interesting, in addition to crazily exciting sport without problems. However, as usual, there is certain kinds of BMX bikes, where some works better for one thing and others works well for another thing.

So whether you are for competitions or just want to do cool tricks and stunts on ramps, tracks or out on the streets, this guide will go in depth with all of that and more here below.

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Different types of BMX bikes - Which type goes best for what and for whom?

Typically BMX bikes are categorised between two main groups, one being Freestyle BMX and the other, relatively new one, Mini BMX. Besides these two, a third one called Race BMX exists, but all of them are known for their hardy wheels and durable frames of Chromoly steel, Hi-Ten steel or aluminium. 

Freestyle BMX
If a BMX bike capable of a bit of everything, within the BMX sport, is what one desires, then the perfect choice would be a Freestyle BMX. As the Freestyle BMX bike can be used for tricks and stunts on both tracks and ramps, as well as both the street and dirt riding, be it inside or outside. Though, outside being the preferable for this particular BMX.

Everyone of almost all ages can use a Freestyle BMX bike. It is both for the boys and girls, who want to test their might and challenge the Laws of Nature when doing crazy tricks, or for those simply looking to ride with style through the streets and freely experiment on a fast BMX, which as mentioned, can do a bit of everything.

Freestyle BMX bikes are made in many various materials. Oftenly, made of Chromoly steel or Hi-Ten steel. Furthermore, the bikes are made with robust and strong frames, which means they can withstand a great deal of hard hits that is to be expected when used. 

Mini BMX
Should you instead want a BMX bike for another form of freestyle BMX, then the Mini BMX would be a fairly new and perfect choice for such. The Mini BMX bike is a newer model that generally is made for streets, ramps and tracks indoors, and does not handle BMX race as well as other BMX bikes. It looks a lot like a Freestyle BMX, just a bit smaller.

A Mini BMX bike also works for just about everyone of almost all ages. Does not matter whether you are a child or an adult, boy or a girl. As long as you want to try out doing tricks or cruise a little on a smaller BMX bike, this BMX will be more than suitable. 

The Mini BMX bike is like the Freestyle BMX, main difference being a miniature version. This means that they also are made of robust frames able to withstand hard hits, as well as being made of typically Chromoly steel or Hi-Ten steel. 

Race BMX
As mentioned there exist types of BMX bikes, specially made for race and tracks. Like the Freestyle BMX and the Mini BMX these typically too, are made of Chromoly steel or aluminium. So, that it weighs very little while still being hardy. 

The Race BMX bike is an obvious choice for people of almost all ages, both boys and girls, looking for speed and who wants to participate in Race BMX competitions. Of course, these types of BMX bikes also works for those simply looking to ride a cooler bike on their daily trips. 

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BMX bikes for children
What matters most when it comes to buying a BMX bike for children is to choose a BMX bike, where the frame is smaller. Both so that the frame is not as big as a BMX for adults, but also so the weight of the BMX does not become far too heavy for a child to properly handle. 

Typically what goes is that a 16" or an 18" BMX bike works for all between the age of 6 to 10 years, but for the youngest of riders BMX bikes in the size of 12" exists. 

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Size Guide for BMX Bikes - What size BMX bike is the right one?

What the size of the BMX bike should be, depends on how tall the rider is. Minor factors to keep in mind too, is the BMX bike's frame length, the length of the bike and the size of the wheels. 

Oftenly, the size of a BMX bike frame is 20", such a bike would be considered a medium size BMX bike.

The wheelsize for Freestyle BMX bikes variates a lot between 16", 18" and 20", where Race BMX bikes generally has a wheelsize of 20". The wheelsizes from 16" and up to 20" usually fits well for most BMX bikes for children. Where the wheelsize 20" typically is the choice of most adult riders. 


As mentioned earlier many BMX frames is made in different materials, but often steel or aluminium. Both has their advantages, where the main one for choosing a BMX in aluminium is the weight, since aluminium is not as heavy as steel. The other way around, the advantage for going for a BMX bike made of chromoly steel or Hi-Ten steel is the improved durability. 

Whatever your choice will be, it truly only depends on what you want to do with your BMX bike. 

For most beginners to the BMX sport and those who just wishes for a cool BMX bike for their daily usage, a BMX bike in aluminium is just fine, since you first have to learn how to do tricks and therefore won't have your bike taking quite as many hits as the more experienced riders. But if you expect to be throwing yourself straight into some crazy tricks and stunts, or already know how to execute them as an expert and practiced BMX rider, then steel would be better for you as it is stronger and more durable. 

If the choice is a hard choice to make, then there is BMX bikes in between the mentioned above, which works for beginners and lives up to the experienced needs at the same time.

Skills - Does it matter when choosing a BMX bike? 

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, matters little when it comes to picking a BMX bike. Due to most of them being made to suit the needs of all, regardless of one's current skill. 

However, it is recommended, if new within the BMX sport, to choose a completely made BMX with breaks included too. Furthermore for the experienced with well-rounded knowledge of the sport, it is a good idea to choose a BMX of higher quality, as it needs to be able to handle a larger range of needs, which a beginner has not yet reached. 

It is seen that experts and the more experienced riders tend to design their own special made BMX bikes buying smaller parts and building it from scratch. 


As with every kind of sport, protection gear is an exellent idea, much better that getting badly injured. 

Therefore, what we recommend, is to buy the necessary equipment in form of a helmet, wrist guards, elbowpads and knee protectors. Another thing we recommend is to get yourself a pair of specialised freestyle riding gloves. To get a better grip and improve the comfort of your hands. 

All this can found on our site, where we only offer quality protection gear and equipment. As soon as you are equipped with all of that, you will be fully ready to go out and perform sick crazy tricks on your sweet BMX bike. 

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Should you be interested in some accessories, then you will be able to find ramps and much more on our site. For an example these ramps comes in sizes that are easily accessible to carry around everywhere, wherever you want to go. All this can be found below on our site, where only the best, neat and quality accessories are offered. 

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