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Cougar Allround Street Skates

Cougar Allround Street Skates

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    • Wheel Diameter: 110mm
    • Bearings: ABEC-7 Chrome
    • Wheels: 85a
    • Blade material: Alumunium
    • Boot Material: 5 layers Glass Fibre with 2 layers Carbon fibre, PU leather
    • Handmade


    A delicious roller skate in black and red. It has beautiful red wheels. The roller skate is black on the back and match the red color perfectly. The roller skate is equipped with fine details such as printing on the aluminum blade.

    Cougar does it again! Cougar is one of the largest manufacturers of quality skates in the world. Here comes one of their top models, namely Cougar Speed SR7 Skate.
    Cougar Speed SR7 roller skate comes with 110mm wheels, which allow you to achieve an incredible speed! And with ABEC-7 Chrome bearings, are you sure that the quality is high and that you get an easy sliding sensation
    when you skate away with Cougar Speed SR7. The blade that keeps the wheel end in place, is made of aluminum, eliminating unnecessary weight. The boot is short, and made of lightweight material presented, such as glass and carbon fiber.
    Cougar is proud of their Speed SR7 model, and call it one of the best so far.
    Aluminuim, glass and carbon fiber as well as ABEC-7 Chrome bearings it is a skate where there is not spared on materials!

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