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Blitz Beast Scooter
Beware! Beast at large and more bloodthirsty than ever before. It lives in the slum streets and sneaking in the shadows. It has no inhibitions and take you if you are not careful!
Penny Original Skateboard - Glow In The Dark 22"
Penny Original Board is luminous and part of the completely original penny cruiser. Pennyboardets genkendlige plastiskdeck derived from the 70's huge hit.

Skateboard has a surface which consists of a honeycomb-like pattern. This pattern means that you do not slip the Board of Supervisors when, for example. cruiser. Penny manufactures all their parts, so you're sure to get a skateboard in the highest quality.
Naked Classic Helmet
Naked Classic Skate helmet.
Classically designed helmet for the skater. With EPS foam for added protection and comfort. Hjlemen intended for you who are looking for a budget helmet, in high quality!
NKD Brain Saver - Black
This is Naked Skatelife's Brain Saver helmet. The helmet is CE-approved and can be used for skateboarding, inliners, biking and scooters. The helmet is lightweight and is made with a smart "Twist n' Fit" design that makes it easy to adjust the helmet to fit you.
Annox AIR - wireless headset

Annox AIR finally hits the market. Get an exceptional sound experience with this wireless sport headset from Annox. The Annox AIR is packed with features that will give you an experience like no other headset You can use your new Annox AIR almost anywhere. Use it while hiking, biking, running, training, skiing, driving or while relaxing at home with some good tunes in the ear. Take calls directly from the headset and enjoy a long talk with friends or family. With 8 hours! of battery time, gives you plenty of time to enjoy music and phone calls while on the run. Annox AIR has built in noise reduction, wich makes it more comfortable to talk with, friends and family will be able to hear you clearly. Annox AIR can be paired with two bluetooth devices at the same time, with the new smart intelligent match feature.

Annox Skate Helmet
Annox skate helmet.
Smart and stylish skate helmet from Annox. This helmet fits well on the head, and is comfortable to skate with. Annox skate helmet is designed to offer the best comfort, safety and durability for all extreme sports! This Annox helmet has a nice and bright color and Annox logo both front and rear, making this helmet unique.
Naked Blue Eye Skateboard
Enjoy the sight of Blue Eye sprawling luxuriously on the streets. Take her hand and experience a new world of pleasure and wild tricks!
Annox Gold Edition V2 Action Camera
Annox Gold Edition V2 is the latest model of the original Gold Edition action camera. Annox Gold Edition V2 camera comes with a wealth of exciting new features, making this action camera one of the most popular on the market!

With a 2 "LCD screen you can see what you're filming and thus what you catch in your recordings. Annox Gold Edition V2 is designed with the revolution pure Novatech chip! Novatech captures sharper video with GYRO Anti-Shake technology. Together with the new modes, night Shooting and Diving Mode, corrects Novatech colors and contrasts in every single frame. GYRO Anti-Shake helps automatic camera stabilize the wildest shots! Annox Gold Edition V2 action camera records in the highest quality Ultra HD 4K/24fps, and with the unique GYRO Anti-Shake, your shots become more stable and calm than ever seen before from an action camera!
Annox Outdoor Edition Action Camera
Annox Outdoor Action is recommended for beginners who like to share wild experiences or show exotic vacations in full HD. Be it on YouTube, facebook or close family or friends. Outdoor is the version between Annox Sports and the Gold Editions, and are used by amateurs as well as experienced during holidays. Outdoor has a 2" LCD screen where you, while you record, can watch "live". Furthermore, it includes a waterproof case that can go down 30 meters. Fret not, cause Outdoor has no trouble coming along to the beach or on sailing trips. Mount the it on your helmet to get some unique POV shots of climbing trips or the waves you tame when surfing. Or maybe some close up shots of the beautiful reefs during your diving holiday. The possibilities are endless and only the imagination sets boundaries. It records in full HD, comes with 4 mounts, which can be placed on helmets, bikes and so on. It's small, practical and easy to carry around in your pocket. Supports 32 and 64GB SD cards.
NKD Brain Saver - Flower
This is Naked Skatelife's Brain Saver helmet. The helmet is CE-approved and can be used for skateboarding, inliners, biking and scooters. The helmet is lightweight and is made with a smart "Twist n' Fit" design that makes it easy to adjust the helmet to fit you.
Naked Deluxe 3-pack
Skate safe - wear protection gear! Naked Deluxe 3-pack is the delicious version of naked's street-series. Now with 15mm L1800 waistband and smart lightweight design that makes the pads more comfortable and provide better mobility. Complete set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards ventilated.
Naked Victoria Longboard
This longboard from Naked suits you who want a bold skating experience with the opportunity to get real speed. Naked deliver boards used by the highly skilled skaters and Naked boards are also suitable for beginners who want a good experience when learning to skate. Good boards give good skaters and Naked is definitely a fantastic choice.

In Denmark, Sweden and Norway EuroSkateShop is one of the leading companies when it comes to longboards, skateboards, scooters and roller skates. Now we also ship our products to countries outside of Scandinavia, and therefore EuroSkateShop is also a online shop. With our huge range of longboards, skateboards, scooters, roller skates, GoPro HD, clothes and accessories, we certainly have the equipment you may need.

EuroSkateShop is an online shop, but we also have a warehouse which is located in Copenhagen. In our warehouse in Copenhagen you can get professional help and advice from our staff. In our store you are able to pay with DK-card and VISA card. Because we do not have many shops, we get plenty of savings instead - and we offer these savings to our customers. Do you need new equipment Today? Your are welcome to visit our warehouse and make a great deal. (Uplandsgade 70, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark)

If you do not have that opportunity, you can also use our online shop. If you use the online shop, you will often experience a very fast delivery, because the goods are often shipped on the same day as you place your order.

We are certain that longboarding, skateboarding, riding a scooter and roller skating are the coolest sports you can do, and we simply live and breathe for these sports. A day does not go by without us dealing with these extreme sports, and we are always riding in the Danish streets. In EuroSkateShop we say "Follow the Passion", and therefore our sports are always our first priority. We also believe that it is a very convincing interest, and therefore we do not want to compromise on the quality of the equipment. We know that only you and your equipment, sets the limits. Therefore, we only use the best equipment, and sell only certain selected brands in our warehouse and on our online shop.

For example, we sell these following Longboards: Madrid, Bustin, Palisades, Long Iceland, Jart tricks Arbor and Loaded, etc. Scooters are also one of our main products. The Scooter has been incredibly popular for both transportation and fun, and at EuroSkateShop we have a wide range of cool scooters from brands such as: Madd and Razor Sports. Also, our Scooters from Naked are particularly popular. Basically, we have the scooter you are looking for, whether you like wild tricks, ramps or cruising through the city.

In the end we strive to be credible, professional and customer oriented, and we only recommend products, which we believe in.

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