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Naked Blue Eye Skateboard

Naked Blue Eye Skateboard

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Length:79,0cm (31.00")

The total length of the deck is important for the handling of the board. Generally, you can use the following guidelines:
	- 70 cm (- 20")  Transport, Cruising
	70 - 95 cm (28" - 38")  Carving, Freestyle
	95 - 107 cm (38" - 42")  Freeride, Carving, Downhill, Sliding
	107 - (42" -)  Cruising, Downhill, Sliding

Width:20,5 cm (8.00")

The maximum width of the deck affects the feet placement. Boards with more width are often suitable for maneuver where your feet or grip surface is in focus: Sliding, Freestyle, carving. Narrow boards caters more for cruising and transport.

Wheelbase:35,5cm (14,00")

The wheelbase is the distance between the two trucks of the board. The wheelbase alone gives the board its capacity of changing direction. Short wheelbase allows quick changes of direction, which is ideal for caring. Long wheelbase allows more control over your change of direction, which is ideal for downhill and slides.

Deck material:Ahorn

The material of the deck is relevant to flex, durability and quality. Bamboo is a flesiblet material, whereas maple is a more rigid material. If you choose a flexible board you are going to compromise on the durability of the deck. In order to ensure the sustainability of bamboo decks can be layers of fiberglass or carbon. Both materials are simultaneously provide a deck either stiffness or more flexible, depending on the thickness of the layer.	


Concave is the inward curvature of Deck's surface. It helps to lock your feet firmly to the deck and thus provides better grip.


The flex of a board are an expression of stiffness. Stiff boards have a very fast steering and provides stability and control, which is suitable for Sliding, Freestyle and Downhill. Flexy boards are less stable, but more comfortable to ride as deck adapts yout movements. Flexy boards are therefore suitable for carving, freeride and Cruising.	

Deck form:Twintip, with kicktails

Longboard decks are available in many different forms. Twintipboards is symmetrical and can ride equally in both directions and is therefore good for Slides, Freeride, Freestyle. Pintail boards is inspired by surf boards, with narrow ends and is suitable for cruising. Directional boards can have different shapes, but are directional, which is often used for Downhill and cruising. Longboards can furthermore have kicktails, making it possible to pop a board and thus do tricks etc.	


Deck curve:Flat

The curve of a deckers an be analyzed from the side and are important for what the board will be used to. A  Flat  deck is an all-round deck that is not specialized to a particular category. A  dropped  deck is lowered the middle to get the COG lower, this is good for high speed. A  Wedged  deck is also lowered at the center (in the same way as dropped decks) but the trucks are mounted on the tail where the tips are curved. This provides excellent steering response and ideal for carving and freeride.  Camper  indicates that the deck is curved upwards which gives the dekc more flex, and is therefore good to Carving and Push.  Rocker  indicates that the deck curves downward; giving the deck lower center of gravity, which gives more stability. 






Weight:2600 grams

The Total weight of the product when it is complete.

Wheel edge:Rounded edge

The edge of the wheel have a graeter meaning of your ridingstyle. A wheel with rounded edge release from the ground easier than a wheel with squared edge.	


The size of the wheels should depend on your riding style. Large diameter wheels are suitable for comfort, speed and grip, while the wheels of small diameter is good for maneuverability and tricks. The width of the wheel determines how much contact you have to the ground. More contact with the ground (width wheels) provides comfort, stability and grip, smaller contract with the ground (narrow wheels) provides speed, maneuverability and easier slip for slides.	

Wheels hardness:78a

The hardness of a wheel is measured on the durometer scale which ranges from 0 - 100A; 100A which is the hardest. Soft wheels provide comfort and less strokes for unevenness on the road. Hard wheels provide speed and provides easier-slip for slides.	


Bearings are divided into ABEC. High ABEC values mean that the bearing is made with more precision and therefore better quality. It is recommended that your ABEC-value is higher for higher speeds and lower if your wheel will have a lot of impact.

Truck:Naked Striker 130mm (5")

Trucks come in different shapes and with different angles. Higher angles are designed for more carvingturns and lower angles are intended for fewer turns

Truck mounting:Topmounted

There are two ways to mount a truck. Top Mounted trucks are mounted on the underside of the deck, while the drop-through truck is passing through the deck. Topmounted trucks are mostly used for freestyle and cruising boards. Drop through gives the board a lower center of gravity and can be used for all riding styles.	



Grip Tape comes in many different Roughness. The rougher the grip tape is, the better you stand firm.

Enjoy the sight of Blue Eye sprawling luxuriously on the streets. Take her hand and experience a new world of pleasure and wild tricks!
Deck Construction:
Naked Blue Eye is a full size deck. The construction of the deck consists of 7-ply 100% maple held together by a thermal lamination. A symmetrical design gives the deck normal concave and 7" nose and kicktail.

This skateboard setup is a full-blooded street skater. Big soft wheels provide a good flow and comfortable ride. Naked Striker 130mm (5 ") trucks is mounted on 3mm risers to eliminate wheel bite and increase responsiveness. Striker has 95a bushings. Large 60mm wheels provide good speed in the streets. With 40mm contact patch you have plenty of grip to do smooth carves or hammer the hills with slides!

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