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Naked Deluxe 3-pack

Naked Deluxe 3-pack

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    • Protection Pad Set for skateboard, inliners, longboard, BMX og scooters
    • 2x Kneepads, 2x Elbowpads og 2x Wrist guards
    • Surface Material: 600D Nylon Insock Design
    • Lining: 15mm L1800
    • 10mm Foam +5mm Reinforcement Foam Pad with Inner Sock Design

    Skate safe - wear protection gear! Naked Deluxe 3-pack is the delicious version of naked's street-series. Now with 15mm L1800 waistband and smart lightweight design that makes the pads more comfortable and provide better mobility. Complete set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards ventilated.
    The goal was to create a pad set which was strong and still comfortablet to skate with. We can therefore launch an anatomically designed padset that offers durable material and high quality Dual density EVA foam that protects against impact and makes it fit better. Furthermore, all pads are with double strap system and cotton inner fabric with moisture wicking microfiber. All this together will give you the most comfortable pad set!

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