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Story Harpie Side-by-side Skates

Story Harpie Side-by-side Skates

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    • Wheel dimentions: 54x32mm
    • Bearings: No ABEC-rating
    • Wheel hardness: PVC
    • Blade material: Aluminium
    • Boot material: Imitation leather

    Story has, with the series of classic art skating side-by-side roller skates, designed a stylish skate for both boys and girls. This series is based on the classic art skater, which in many respects is run in the same way as the skating rink. Therefore, these side-by-side roller skates address children and young people who want to have fun with dancing and playing roller skates.

    The roller skate is made of heavy leather on a plastic sole and high heel. The aluminum plate makes the roller skate solid and easy to ride.

    According to Roman mythology, the harpie is a magnificent and powerful creature. Like half a bird and half human, this graceful creature possesses the best aspects of man and the freedom of the bird. With Story Harpie you will be free as the bird as you explore the world on your side-by-side roller skates.

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